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Grad Nite Live has kept our graduates safe and has afforded parents and families peace of mind on a night that statistically can be very dangerous while they are having a blast. Since 1996 MHS graduates have been fortunate enough to have a generous and caring community that raises money to support this cause –


We ask that you participate in the MHS ALUMNI 20/20 Challenge to continue the support that we had on our graduation night!

What is the Challenge? We are asking anyone who graduated MHS, especially those who graduated in 1996 and after to donate $20 to Grad Nite Live. As teenagers most of us may have not realized just how much work and generosity goes into making this event a success. 

Any of us that experience GNL know how much fun we all had and the memories we created will last a lifetime. As they say hindsight is 20/20….

How the Challenge works: Once you donate your $20 to the challenge please change your profile picture to you in high school and/or tag 3 friends with #RamsKickBack and the year you graduated #1996. 

Let’s see what Class gives the most!!!!

Future Grads will thank you!

Let’s see what Class gives the most!!!!

Future Grads will thank you!

February, 2016

Dear Marshfield High School Community Parents and Families:

For 19 years Grad Nite Live has kept our graduates safe and has afforded parents and families peace of mind on a night that statistically can be very dangerous while they are having a blast.  Grad Nite Live is a community attempt to offer our grads a night they will always remember, together as a class, in a place where they can have fun and be safe. 

While your students may not yet be seniors, we need your financial support to ensure the success of Grad Nite Live this year, and to make certain that the event continues and is available when your child graduates. 

Expenses for Grad Nite Live exceed $25,000.  We ask that each family contribute to the best of your ability.  Your support will help to ensure that there will be no cost to the students that night and allows us to set aside funding for following years’ expenses.

The event has become a wonderful tradition that we hope will continue for years to come.   An average of 87% of class members have participated in the past 14 years, which means that your child will want to attend when he/she receives a diploma.  Help make sure that Grad Nite Live lives on!

Grad Nite Live is organized by volunteers from every segment of our community including elementary students & families, senior citizens, caring adults, past graduates as well as the many businesses who support us with financial and material donations.  Along with your financial support, there are other ways for parents to become involved.  Please review the attached sheet for details.

Please take the opportunity to become involved in this most important event.  Indicate your choice on the enclosed form and return it along with your contribution by April 1st.

For more information, find us on Facebook or on Twitter, #KeepingKidsSafe. Thank you for your support.  We look forward to another exciting Grad Nite Live.


Bill Bowers        Heidi Conway      Michael Maresco
Chair                   Chair                    Chair                  
781.248.1131 | 781.985.3147    |  781.248.5544

Donate Online HERE:

Volunteers Always Needed!

Dismantling:  senior parents make up the “dismantling crew” early
Sunday morning 5:15 AM until approximately 9 AM.  Fresh legs desperately needed! 
Please contact Bill Bowers; – 781-248-1131
or Michael Maresco; – 781-248-5544.

Decorating:  volunteers needed who would like to help set up on Friday and Saturday. Skilled or unskilled Saturday help especially.  For more information please contact:  Judy Sacco at 781-834-0445 or Heidi Conway at 781-834-1221.

Baked goods are needed on Election Day in May, 2016.  Please drop baked goods off anytime throughout the day.  GNL “Booth” coverage needed as well. 

Thank You!

Click here to print out our donation form!

Shop at

Saturday, March 26th
(day before Easter)
11:00 to 2:00pm

 It’s simple! 
Shop between the hours 11am and 2pm
Hand and your receipt to a Grad Nite Live
volunteer on your way out the door …
Grad Nite will receive 5% of collected receipts.
Last year we raised over $2,000.00! 

Please tell your friends and family!

Grad Nite Live - Steering Committee Members 2016

Bill Bowers: (p:) 781-248-1131 (e:)
Heidi Conway: (p:) 781-985-3147  (e:)
Michael Maresco: (p:) 781-248-5544 (e:)
Suzanne Dailey (of Counsel) : (p:)  781-254-4400 (e:)

Michael Maresco: (p:) 781-248-5544 (e:)


Heidi Conway: (p:) 781-834-1221 (e:)
Judy Sacco: (P:) 781-834-0445 (e:)

Donor Relations Chair
Krissy Scribner: (p:) 781-718-9633 (e:)

Maureen Edwards: (p:) 781-837-1801 (e:)
Nicole Doherty: (p:) 617-291-3499 (e:)

Food Committee
Dottie Pisano: (p:) 781-837-5149 (e:)
Christine Mulligan: (p:) 781-834-5980

Public/Media Relations
Marie Kurmin: (p:) 617-529-1148 (e:)

Donna Marcella: (p:) 781-500-9950 (e:)
Betty O’Reilly: (p:)  781-424-5501 (e:) Elizabeth.O’
Faith Dernier: (p:) 617-201-3289 (e:)

Nicole Doherty: (p:) 617-291-3499 (e:)
Heidi Conway: (p:) 781-834-1221 (e:)

Kim Bouressa     


Grad Nite Live, P O Box 396, Green Harbor, MA 02041