Volunteers Always Needed!

Volunteers Always Needed

Dismantling: Traditionally, senior parents make up the “dismantling
crew” early Sunday morning 5:45 AM until approximately 9 AM. Fresh
legs are desperately needed!
Please contact:
Kim Bouressa – 781-254-5461 or Yvonne O’Neill – 781-223-1528

Decorating: volunteers needed who would like to help set up on Friday
and Saturday, skilled or unskilled. Saturday help especially needed.
For more information please contact
Marie Kurmin – 617-529-1148 or marie@thekurmins.com

Baked goods are needed on Election Day on April 27, 2019. Please drop
baked goods off anytime throughout the day. GNL “Booth” coverage
needed as well. Thank You!